Timely Attire Co.

So cute, you won't care if you're late!


About me

When I pull my favorite chair over to my 1946 White Rotary sewing machine...

and see the sunrise exploding off of Lake Superior, I miss the smell of low tide a little less. I moved from the East Coast to the “North Coast” of Minnesota to stretch my legs a few years back and I have been traveling ever since. Something about stories about great distances and new starts always spurred my imagination. Maybe it was growing up with stories from my mother, made the opposite move when she was my age, but perhaps it was the Shirley Temple films and dolls that surrounded me as a little girl.

My mother prototyped Shirley Temple outfits for 18 inch dolls for a famous collectable doll maker, so her research was my obsession. She was always creating, experimenting, and learning, and I look back on those years with admiration and inspiration every time I walk into my workshop. She passed her love of fashion and textiles from her mother to me.

After making my own clothes for a few years I began dressing my friends in custom dresses, skirts, and even the occasional pants or shirt, when my “partner in time” earned it by fixing a broken Singer 66 or ‘61 Kenmore.

Timely Attire Co. is a one-girl outfit where I reproduce and remix vintage patterns from the 1930s through the 1950s with a new eye and an appreciation for pockets. To complete the look, I also carry vintage finds and accessories that I find on my travels. It’s all so cute, you won’t care if you’re late!

Have a peek behind the scenes...

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